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Custom Contact Form Front-end Examples

Below you’ll find front-end examples of the various contact forms display options. Don’t forget to check out the front-end theme showcase and custom contact form examples in our demo store for more inspiration!

Contact Form Page

Example of custom contact form in an automatically created form page.

magento 2 contact form page

Contact Form Embedded in Page

Example of custom contact form embedded in a store page using the contact form widget.

contact from embedded in page

Contact Form Embedded in Product Page

Example of a product questions form embedded in a product page by adding the contact form widget to a specific layout update.

product questions form in magento 2 product page

Example of a sidebar widget with contact button, which displays the contact form in a pop-up when clicked on.

contact form sidebar widget

Pop-up Contact Form

Example of custom contact form shown in a light-box pop-up using the pop-up form widget.

magento 2 pop-up form

Slide-out Contact Form

Example of the a form appearing from the left side of the front-end store using a slide-out form widget.

magento 2 slide-out form

Multi-page Contact Form

Example of multi-page contact form, which is divided into multiple pages or tabs with the Form Page component. The top navigation bar automatically adjusts to smaller resolution screens if the form page titles don’t fit on one line.

magento 2 multi-page form

Multi-column Contact Form

Example of multi-column contact form, which is divided into multiple sections and columns using the Form Section component.

magento 2 multi-column form

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