Shipping Per Product, Country & Customer Group Magento® Extension

Product Shipping Rates Ultimate Magento Extension

Shipping Rates Configuration Options

  • Set up shipping rates per product, country and customer group
  • Add default rates per destination country or region
  • Specify the country shipping rates per customer group
  • Easily configure country shipping rates with built-in region presets
  • Create custom presets for quick shipping rates configuration
  • Configure your product shipping costs with ultimate flexibility

Shipping Costs Calculation Options

  • Calculate shipping costs per item, product or per shopping cart
  • Add product shipping rates to total shipping costs
  • Override total shipping costs with highest product shipping rate
  • Ship smaller items for free with large / heavy items
  • Perfect for international webshops with a diverse product range
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The ultimate product shipping rates extension

magento product shipping rates ultimate extension

The super flexible Magento® Product Shipping Rates Ultimate extension lets you easily configure shipping rates per product, per country and per customer group, making it an indispensable shipping solution for any Magento® merchant selling a wide range of products to an international and diverse customer base.

Coming with various handy shipping costs calculation options, the plugin enables you to configure shipping rates in Magento® exactly the way you want. Use the default shipping settings for all your goods or specify unique product shipping rates per country and customer group!

Add effective shipping rate management to your store

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International shipping rates per customer group

When selling your merchandize to a variety of international customer groups, you might want to adjust your shipping rates in accordance with an order's destination country or even customer type, charging different rates to wholesale customers, retail customers, private sales or VIP members.

Using Magento® Product Shipping Rates Ultimate you can quickly set up shipping rates per country and customer group, which can be further specified for each individual product.

To save yourself a lot of time and effort, you can use the integrated region presets to automatically select multiple countries and configure their shipping rates at once!

magento shipping rates per country and customer group

Shipping rates per product or item made easy

magento product shipping rate calculation

Our Magento® Product Shipping Rates extension provides you with two product shipping rate calculation options.

You can charge the costs per item, multiplying the shipping rate with the ordered quantity.

Or you can choose to calculate the costs per product/SKU, charging the shipping rate only once, regardless of the ordered quantity.

Advanced total shipping costs calculation

The extension also includes two total shipping costs calculation methods.

Using the first option, the costs of each product or item are added up to the total product shipping costs.

The second method overrides the total shipping costs with the highest product shipping rate, which for example can be used to ship small or light products for free with large or heavy items.

magento total shipping costs calculation

Product shipping rates per country & customer group

product shipping rates per country and customer group

The best feature of our Magento® extension is that you can configure all of the forementioned settings for each individual product separately.

In this way you can specify unique product shipping rates per country and customer group in the product's admin page, or select a custom preset for even faster shipping costs configuration!

For each product you can add shipping rates per country and customer group, choose to calculate the shipping costs per item or per product and define whether the costs should be added to the total shipping costs or override it with the highest rate.

When product-specific rates are configured, they will automatically override the default country based customer group rates and calculation methods in the extension's config screen.

Custom shipping rate presets

Would you like to use the same shipping rate settings for multiple products, such as products of the same type, attribute set or price category?

Using our extension's Preset Manager you can create custom shipping rate presets, allowing you to select multiple products from your catalog and modify their shipping costs all at once!

magento product shipping rates preset

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Release Notes

Changelog v1.2.0

Added new option allowing you to disable certain other shipping methods if product shipping rates ultimate is active

Some UI improvements

28th of October 2017

Changelog v1.1.0

Added once per preset shipping calculation

Added option to hide shipping method if total is zero

Attribute bulk update bug fix

Code refactoring and minor bug fixes

20th of September 2017

Changelog v1.0.8

Shipping rate preset bug fix

8th of September 2016

Changelog v1.0.7

Made compatible with Product Shipping Rates Per Country extension

19th of July 2016

Changelog v1.0.6

Fixed small attribute set ID bug

11th of February 2016

Changelog v1.0.5

Fixed bug regarding Magento installs with prefixed table names

11th of November 2015

Changelog v1.0.4

Made compatible with SUPEE-6788

11th of November 2015

Changelog v1.0.3

Fixed bug regarding per order override and per product calculation

5th of November 2015

Changelog v1.0.2

Fixed additional bug when warning level error reporting is enabled

13th of October 2015

Changelog v1.0.1

Fixed bug when warning level error reporting is enabled

13th of October 2015

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Product Shipping Rates Ultimate Magento® Extension