Store Locator Features

  • Fully responsive Google Maps store locator
  • Integrated door-to-door route planner
  • With address auto-completion & automatic geocoding
  • Calculate map distances in miles or kilometers
  • Optional radius and custom store attribute filters
  • Many store locator customization options
  • Optional product page integration feature

Store Location Page Features

  • Easily create dedicated store information pages
  • Show contact details, opening hours & Google Maps location
  • Add descriptions, images and custom store attributes
  • Enable customers to review and rate your stores
  • Easy browseable store locations overview page
  • Handy CSV import & export functionality
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The all-in-one store locator extension

Our Store Finder extension offers a complete solution for presenting your store locations in your Magento® webshop, enabling customers to quickly find your nearest stores while providing them with all practical visitor information.

Our advanced Google Maps store locator includes an integrated route planner and interactive store map with custom attributes support. Besides that you can easily create dedicated store information pages, which are listed in a handy store locations overview.

The extension's user-friendly admin interface offers many front-end customization options and lets you manage store locations with ease. With the Store Finder product page integration feature, customers can even locate stores based on product availability!

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Dedicated store information pages

dedicated store page magento

Our Store Finder extension lets you easily create dedicated pages for all your store locations, which include all practical visitor information such as address, contact details and opening hours.

The exact store location is automatically shown on the interactive map and is easy to configure and modify in the back-end.

Add a store description or upload a custom image to give customers an even better impression of the location, or enhance your store pages with custom store attributes and an optional customer review section!

Unlimited custom store attribute support

Want to add custom store information to your dedicated store pages? No problem! With Magento® Store Finder you can create an unlimited amount of custom store attributes and include them in the 'Additional Details' section of your store information pages.

Besides that, the attributes can be optionally enabled as store locator filters, allowing customers to find stores based on custom store attributes such as product range, accessibility or special opening dates.

magento custom store attributes

Store comments & rating

magento store comments

Optionally add a 'Customer Comments' section to your store pages and enable visitors to review your store locations by leaving a comment and rating the store with up to 5 stars.

You can require customers to log in to submit store reviews, which are easily managed and approved in the extension's admin interface!

User-friendly store locations overview

The dedicated store pages are listed in a user-friendly store locations overview page, enabling customers to quickly browse through the most important store information.

You can choose to show a Google Maps location screenshot in the Store Locations overview or a custom store image like in the example on the right.

By selecting one of the listed stores the customer is automatically redirected to the detailed store page. Alternatively, your visitors can use the Store Finder link at the top of the page to directly search for your nearest stores and get directions in the store locator.

magento store locations list

Fully responsive store finder & route planner

Let customers quickly find your nearest stores with our fully responsive store locator, which includes a handy address auto-complete feature and optional auto-geocoding.

The Google Maps based store finder automatically sorts your locations by distance measured in miles or kilometers. If enabled, customers can also filter your stores by radius and custom store attributes using a handy tag filter menu.

By selecting a store from the overview, the map automatically zooms in on its location, showing the most important store details and the store page link in a pop-over.

On top of that visitors can use the integrated door-to-door route planner to get instant directions to your stores and view their itinerary directly on the map!

Many store locator customization options

Our extension includes various options to personalize the Store Finder front-end design and display settings, making our store locator look great in any Magento® webshop!

You can easily add a custom Google Maps theme and upload your own marker icons, set a default zoom level and define the maximum amount of stores locations shown on the map.

Besides that the store locator can automatically detect the visitor's location, or you can enter a default starting point when no location has been provided.

store page integration

Store Finder product page integration

store page integration

Our Magento® Store Finder extension also includes an optional product page integration feature, which enables customer to directly find a store location based on its product availability!

You can choose to add a Store Locations and Store Finder tab to the product details menu, automatically showing the store locations that sell the product.

The product inventory of each store location is easily configured the back-end, or you can choose to make all products available in each store by default.

The integrated Store Locations overview and store locator are fully responsive and allow the customer to quickly switch between the two tabs without reloading the product page!

Easy store location management

With our extension's CSV import and export functionality you can quickly create or update multiple store locations at once, including custom attributes and uploaded store images.

This makes the store location CSV import and export feature an indispensable tool for anyone who wants to add a large store database to their Magento® webshop or needs to update their store information frequently.

store locations csv import & export

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Magento extension reviews

  • Store Locator

    The extension is perfect, it was exactly what i was looking for and it performs great. I have a problem installing an update (my fault) and their support team was more than helpfully and exceptionally responsive. I strongly recommend this to anyone.

    December 13, 2018
  • Exceeded expectations

    What an incredible value for the price. This plug in does what we need and more. And to top it off, the customer service is second to none. They were responsive with both help and with feature additions. Thank you for a great product and fantastic customer support.

    March 21, 2018
  • Worked great with excellent support

    The only locator with the exact feature set I needed. Milan and team were quick to respond to support requests and exceeded my expectations!

    February 12, 2018
  • The best store locator module for M1 out there!

    This is the best store locator module for M1 out there. It's responsive, you have custom store pages, you have a store directory and store locator in one module. You can easily customize the look and feel of it and do a lot of other things with this module. :D

    October 17, 2017
  • Awesome support

    "Store finder" : Awesome extension !! faced some issues during installation(due to my limited magento knowledge) but not to worry when u have the best customer support

    September 7, 2017
  • Great features and support

    Excellent functions and fantastic support.
    We are extremely happy with all the help the support team has given us and which has exceeded our expectations.

    January 26, 2017

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Release Notes

Changelog v1.14.2

Fix for attributes which are disabled for store location view page still being shown on front-end

12th of January 2020

Changelog v1.14.1

Fixed JS conflict between PrototypeJS library Array.from() method and Google Maps JS API which caused an issue when trying to use Street View

Extension now uses quarterly stable release of Google Maps JS library

30th of August 2019

Changelog v1.14.0

Added smooth zoom functionality which makes the map zoom in to a location when it's contained in a store locations cluster and clicked on in the store locations list

Fixed issue causing infinite page refresh when using the store locator in a product page tab

23rd of August 2019

Changelog v1.13.1

Fixed WYSIWYG editor functionality for custom attribute textarea fields with editor enabled

Added support for widget, variable and block shortcodes in custom attribute values

17th of August 2019

Changelog v1.13.0

Added marker clustering functionality which allows locations close to each other to be grouped in a cluster when the map is zoomed out.

16th of July 2019

Changelog v1.12.1

Fixed issue where custom store marker wouldn't show when a global custom marker is set

28th of February 2019

Changelog v1.12.0

New option to use OR filter condition for select attributes instead of AND filter condition

27th of January 2019

Changelog v1.11.1

Added HTTPS URL support for external store location URLs

1st of December 2018

Changelog v1.11.0

Added sitemap support for store locations. Store locations are now automatically added when generating a sitemap.

26th of September 2018

Changelog v1.10.4

Store locations are now also sorted according to the sort order field in the store finder. (This is only applicable on page load, when no address or location has been entered by the user on the front-end)

15th of July 2018

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