Front-end Features

  • 18 beautiful Bootstrap themes and 100s of design options
  • Fully responsive and 100% AJAX-based front-end design
  • Integrated form validation & captcha spam protection
  • Create slick pop-up forms with optional exit intent feature
  • Spice up your webshop with fancy slide-out forms
  • Build multi-page and multi-column contact forms
  • Create dynamic contact forms with conditional form fields
  • Pre-fill forms with customer info, product details and more!

Admin Features

  • Create advanced forms with simple drag & drop builder
  • Build any type of form choosing from many form fields
  • Automatically create new contact form pages
  • Easily embed and insert forms anywhere using widgets
  • With fully customizable customer & admin notifications
  • Save, manage and export form submissions in the back-end
  • Create as many forms as you want without any coding skills!
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The ultimate Magento® contact form extension

magento contact form extension

Every Magento® store includes a simple built-in contact form that unfortunately cannot be easily modified in the back-end. That's why we created Magento® Custom Contact Forms: an amazingly feature-rich extension that enables you to create as many custom forms as you want, without any coding experience required!

With its simple drag & drop form builder, wide selection of form fields, 18 beautiful front-end themes and many other design and display options, you can easily create virtually any type of contact form, such as a sales inquiry form, RMA or quotation form, customer satisfaction survey and much more. Continue reading to find out all about our extension's features!

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Simple drag & drop form builder

With the user-friendly form builder included with our Magento® Contact Form Extension, anyone can create advanced contact forms quickly and with ease! Simply drag and drop the desired form fields into the Contact Form area and configure the field's content and settings in a handy pop-over.

The wide selection of form components includes everything you need to customize your form according to your own specific needs. Choose from a variety of input and selection fields, radios and checkboxes, date and time pickers, buttons and text elements, a file upload field and two different Captcha types!

magento form builder

Integrated form validation & spam protection

magento form validation & captcha

To ensure the contact forms in your Magento® shop are always filled in correctly, the text input fields have an excellent validation function for e-mail addresses, numbers, dates, URLs and much more.

On top of that, our extension includes two integrated Captcha functionalities to protect your website against spammers and abuse: the updated Google ReCaptcha and Visual Captcha.

Amazing Bootstrap-powered front-end themes

Our Magento® Custom Contact Forms extension is built upon Bootstrap, providing you with an amazing selection of 18 beautiful Bootswatch front-end themes.

Because each theme has its own specific style accommodating to popular web designs, you'll find a suitable theme for every webshop! Of course it's also possible to use your own Bootstrap-powered Magento® theme.

By combining the front-end themes with one of the six form wrapper styles and dozens of other design and display options, it couldn't be easier to create your own distinctive looking contact forms.

Don't forget to check out the front-end theme showcase in our Custom Contact Forms demo store to get an impression of the endless design options!

Fully responsive AJAX-based design

Responsive forms for magento

The custom contact forms created with our Magento® extension have a fully responsive front-end design, making your forms look great on any device, whether it's a mobile phone, laptop or tablet.

Besides that, the contact forms are 100% AJAX-based, which means that pages don't have to reload when a form is submitted!

User-friendly contact form widgets

Our Magento® extension can automatically create a new front-end URL for each form, or you can easily embed your forms in CMS pages, blocks and layout templates using our custom contact form widgets.

The widgets also includes two options to display forms in a slick light-box pop-up. The pop-up form can be opened by clicking a customizable contact link or button, which can be placed anywhere in your front-end store, such as a category page side bar.

Alternatively, you can use the exit intent feature to show the pop-up form dynamically when a visitor is about to leave your website.

magento pop-up contact form

Fancy slide-out forms

magento slide-out contact form

Spice up your webshop now with our Magento® Custom Contact Forms slide-out widget!

This widget adds a fancy slide-out form to your store, which appears from the side or bottom of the screen after clicking the customizable contact button.

The slide-out form not only gives your website a modern look, but also enables customers to contact you at any time without having to navigate to a separate contact page.

Extensive multi-page forms

While single-page contact forms are suitable for almost any purpose, a multi-page layout provides a perfect solution for more extensive forms with lots of input fields.

Using our Magento® extension you can easily create multi-page forms yourself by inserting the form page component on any desired place in your contact form, dividing it into multiple pages or tabs.

The form pages can be browsed through without reloading the website, while the top navigation bar automatically adjusts to smaller resolution screens when necessary.

magento multi-page contact form

Handy multi-column forms

multi-column form magento

Similar to building multi-page contact forms, our Custom Contact Forms Magento® Extension now also lets you create forms with multiple sections and columns.

Just drag and drop the form section component into the contact form to add a new full width, one column or 2 column section.

By dividing your forms into multiple sections and columns you can make optimal use of the contact form layout and place related form fields next to each other.

Needless to say the multi-column forms are fully responsive and can be used in combination with any other display option, such as the multi-page, pop-up or slide-out form!

Pre-fill forms with customer, product and category data

Another great feature of our Magento® extension is that you can automatically prefill your forms with default values or variables related to customer, category, product, address and store details.

In this way you can pre-fill forms for logged in customers with their name and e-mail address, or automatically prefill product question forms on product pages with attributes such as product name and SKU.

Prefilling forms with certain data will not only save your customers time, but also help your admin users, who will be automatically provided with all information they need!

automatically prefilled contact form

Dynamic forms with conditional fields

conditional form fields magento

At the request of our dedicated Custom Contact Forms users, our extension now also includes a conditional form fields feature, enabling you to configure form components that appear dynamically on the front-end based on specified conditions.

This dynamic form builder functionality lets you easily create advanced multi-purpose forms for Magento® by making the appearance of form fields dependent of the customer's input.

Fully customizable e-mail notifications

Magento® Custom Contact Forms comes with a full-fledged e-mail notification system to notify your customers and admin users when a new contact request has been submitted.

Use the default notification settings for all your contact forms or configure the customer and admin notifications for each form separately.

By inserting custom variables in the e-mail content you can automatically include any submitted form data in your notifications. Using our extension it's even possible to set up conditional admin e-mail recipients based on the contact form submissions!

magento contact form e-mail notifications

Back-end form submission management

magento contact form submissions

Our extension also makes it possible to conveniently save and manage your contact form submissions directly in the Magento® Admin Panel, which includes an overview of all submitted form data and a copy of the admin and customer notifications.

To enhance your form data management, you can modify the status of each form submission, assign a custom ID prefix and optionally add comments in the back-end. On top of that you can easily export all submitted form data to CSV or Excel.

5 star rated top quality extension

This extension is rated 5 out of 5 stars. When purchasing our Custom Contact Forms Magento Extension you don't only get a top quality extension, but also our five star customer support!

To most of our customers the high service level and expertise we offer is at least as important as the extension itself. At Plugin Company we realize that excellent product support and good communication is essential for making your and our business a success. This is exactly why we have made our support level our biggest selling point to date.

5 star rating magento connect

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30 day money back guarantee, 100% satisfaction guarantee

Key Features

Drag & Drop Interface

User-friendly drag & drop contact form builder

Many Form Components

Wide selection of customizable form fields

18 Bootstrap Themes

Choose from 18 beautiful front-end themes

Various Form Wrappers

Combine your theme with one of six form wrappers

Responsive Design

Looks beautiful on all devices and screen resolutions

100% AJAX front-end

No need to reload pages when submitting forms

Form validation

Automatically check the format used in input fields

Captcha Integration

Optional reCaptcha & Visual Captcha spam protection

File Upload Support

Includes form upload field for attaching files

Contact Form Pages

Automatically create custom contact form pages

Easy Form Embedding

Insert your contact forms anywhere using widgets

Pop-up Contact Forms

Display your form in a slick light-box pop-up

Slide-out Forms

Create fancy slide-out forms to spice up your webshop

Multi-page Forms

Divide your forms into multiple tabs or pages

Multi-column Forms

Add sections and columns to forms

Dynamic Forms

Create advanced forms with conditional form fields

Prefilled forms

Automatically prefill forms with variables

Custom Notifications

Email notification system with custom variables

Conditional e-mails

Configure conditional admin notification recipients

Custom CSS

Style form fields using custom CSS classes

Form Submissions

Optionally save form submissions in the back-end

Export form data

Easily export form submissions to CSV & Excel

Unlimited forms

Create as many custom forms as you want

Ease of use

Build any type of form without any coding skills!

Magento extension reviews

Rated 5 out of 5
  • Excellent product backed by excellent customer service

    Excellent extension. It's very easy to use. Plus the customer service is great! There's a time difference so don't expect them to respond an hour after you submit an email. So just be patient and they will go above and beyond to resolve any issue that you might have.

    January 24, 2018
  • Every Magento store needs this!

    This extension is amazing! If you have worked with Magento you'll know the default contact form is very poor and unless you have some serious knowledge/time it's really quite difficult to edit to a high standard.

    I came across and I can honestly say I'm really glad I did. This extension has multiple uses! (Contact us, Order Forms, Dealer Applications - whatever you need you can just create it in a very easy drag/drop solution.

    A lot of contact form extensions can be quite difficult to setup but I can assure you it's as easy as drag/drop and you have beautiful looking forms that work as they should.

    Support is fantastic, product is excellent, this is the contact form extension you need.

    December 14, 2017
  • Outstanding!!

    Great extension! Moreover, I appreciate the level of support they are providing, very professional and smooth.

    December 8, 2017
  • Very Useful Extension

    Creating custom contact forms is always a challenge, as there are always things the store owner wants that Magento does not include.

    This extension has made creating custom forms a breeze. It's well thought out, well documented and the support request was answered quickly.

    July 29, 2017
  • Best service ever

    this company give the best service ever - the tools are so good.
    Many thanks to Milan

    May 21, 2017
  • Best Contact Forms Extension

    Excellent extension with many features came with the best support I have ever get (specifically in my instance Kaja)! Highly recommend. don`t hesitate to get it

    March 14, 2017

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Release Notes

Changelog v1.21.2

Fixed "Invalid method isCustomerLoggedIn" error which occurred when viewing a contact form CMS widget instance. (Issue was introduced in version 1.21.0)

6th of April 2020

Changelog v1.21.1

Fixed issue causing all form submission comment timestamps to be off several hours when not using GMT locale

1st of March 2020

Changelog v1.21.0

Added customer_logged_in condition to conditional fields section, which allows showing / hiding fields based on customer login status.

Improved conditional fields conditions logic and descriptions.

Added {{var xxx}} notation support to notification e-mail content. (Both {xxx} and {{var xxx}} are now supported.)

Added support to {{include ..}} shortcode in notification e-mail. Allowing e-mail templates to be used.

16th of December 2019

Changelog v1.20.4

Fixed captcha not being loaded issue which occurred when multiple forms with different captcha settings were placed on a single page

17th of February 2019

Changelog v1.20.3

Fixed issue where inline pop-up form link would split the paragraph text it's placed in

20th of October 2018

Changelog v1.20.2

Removed logging statement

4th of October 2018

Changelog v1.20.1

Fixed conditonal field checkbox 'does not contain' issue

29th of September 2018

Changelog v1.20.0

Added option to include or exclude the visitor IP address in form submissions

25th of September 2018

Changelog v1.19.4

Additional fix for Infortis theme

20th of September 2018

Changelog v1.19.3

Popup form compatibility fix for Infortis theme

18th of September 2018

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