CMS Revisions Magento Extension

Automatically back-up, preview & restore CMS pages and blocks in Magento®

  • Simple and efficient version control system for Magento®
  • Automatically back-up your store content with every save
  • Keep unlimited versions of Magento® CMS pages & blocks
  • Restore CMS revisions with one click of a button
  • Preview CMS page revisions in front-end store
  • Edit CMS block revisions in content editor
  • Instantly see by who and when revisions were made
  • Never accidentally delete important store content
  • Perfect for webshops with frequently changing content & designs
  • Flawless integration with our FREE Magento® Syntax Highlighter!
Magento logo CE 1.4.x - 1.9.x, EE 1.8.x - 1.14.x

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Automatic back-up of CMS pages & blocks in Magento®

Tired of accidentally deleting valuable store content or messing up the layout of your webshop pages, wishing you had a made a back-up to revert to? We've got the perfect Magento® content management solution for you!

Our CMS Revisions extension automatically creates a back-up of your CMS pages and blocks, allowing you to keep multiple versions of your store content and roll back to saved revisions at any time with only one click of a button.

magento cms revisions extension

One click preview & restore functionality

Besides automatically creating a back-up each time a CMS page or block is saved, our extension enables you to easily preview, edit and restore CMS revisions directly in the Magento® Admin Panel.

You can preview each CMS page revision in the front-end store, allowing you to quickly compare changes made to the page content and layout, while CMS block revisions can be directly loaded and edited in the back-end content editor.

With the extension's one click restore functionality you can roll back revisions whenever you want without worrying about losing your store content!

back-up and restore cms content

Simplified content management

magento cms content management

Magento® CMS Revisions provides you with a clear overview of all changes made to CMS pages and blocks, directly showing when and by who each revision has been made.

Because you can save an unlimited amount of CMS revisions in the back-end, our extension offers a great solution for Magento® webshops with frequently changing designs or recurring seasonal promotions.

Simplify your content management even more by combining Magento® CMS Revisions with our free Magento® Syntax Highlighter. We use these two extensions ourselves all the time!

Order now and never lose CMS content again!

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5 star rated top quality extension

This extension is rated 5 out of 5 stars. When purchasing our CMS Revisions Magento Extension you don't only get a top quality extension, but also our five star customer support!

To most of our customers the high service level and expertise we offer is at least as important as the extension itself. At Plugin Company we realize that excellent product support and good communication is essential for making your and our business a success. This is exactly why we have made our support level our biggest selling point to date.

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Magento extension reviews

Rated 5 out of 5
  • Can't go without it!

    Functions exactly as advertised. Flawless. Really useful being able to roll back to previous versions of cms pages and static blocks. Great for switching between different seasonal pages or undoing mistakes!
    This is definitely one of my "must install" extensions!

    August 4, 2015

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Release Notes

Changelog v1.1.1

Magento EE compatibility release

8th of April 2019

Changelog v1.1.0

Added compatibility with JR_CleverCMS

21st of June 2017

Changelog v1.0.5

Fixed block revisions grid redirect issue

8th of December 2016

Changelog v1.0.4

Fixed page revisions grid filtering and sorting issue

5th of December 2016

Changelog v1.0.3

Made compatible with SUPEE-6788

2nd of May 2016

Changelog v1.0.2

Fixed CMS block compilation issue

Fixed ACL issue caused by new security patch

24th of July 2015

Changelog v1.0.1

Fixed old Magento compatibility

Improved CMS page revision grid

9th of July 2015

First Release v1.0.0

First release of Magento CMS Revisions extension by Plugin Company.

31st of October 2014

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CMS Revisions Magento® Extension