Product Questions Magento Extension

Front-end Features

  • Integrated questions & answers panel for product pages
  • Two fully responsive and AJAX-based designs
  • Enable customers to easily submit product questions
  • Allow submissions by guests and/or logged in customers
  • Now also including Google ReCaptcha spam protection
  • Optional question & answer up/down-voting features
  • Add 'My Product Questions' to front-end customer account
  • Including cool product questions ticker widget

Admin Features

  • Easily manage, approve and answer questions in the back-end
  • Insert links and images using WYSIWYG editor
  • Handy quick-view links to front- and back-end product page
  • Post answers on product page and/or notify customer by e-mail
  • Customizable e-mail notifications with insertable variables
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Magento® product question & answer panel extension

Magento® Product Questions provides a simple and efficient solution to help your customers by adding a slick question & answer panel to your product pages. This enables visitors to directly ask questions about a specific product and refer to previously answered questions for additional product information.

The extension includes two AJAX-based front-end designs that are fully integrated into the product page. Submitted questions are easily managed in the user-friendly admin area and with the extension's full-fledged notification system you have everything at hand to provide your customers with the best service!

magento product questions extension

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Fully integrated & responsive design

The Product Questions panel is fully responsive and integrated into the product page by adding a new tab to the product information menu. In Magento® themes that don't use tabs the panel is added as a new section to the product pages.

You can optionally require your customers to log in to submit questions, automatically prefilling their name and e-mail address in the question form. On top of that you can choose to enable Google ReCaptcha to protect your form submissions from spam.

magento product questions front-end integration

Two AJAX-based front-end themes

Magento® Product Questions comes with two slick AJAX-based front-end designs, enabling customers to submit questions without reloading the page and showing a nice fading transition when browsing through the question and answer pages.

Besides that the extension includes an optional upvoting and downvoting feature, allowing visitors to rate the submitted questions and/or answers.

Easy product question management

The extension's user-friendly admin interface lets you review and answer product questions fast and efficiently.

Using the quick-view links at the top of the question page, you can quickly navigate to the product's front-end and back-end page to refer to its details.

The WYSIWYG content editor allows you to easily modify questions and answers and add links and images in a breeze.

Unless the auto-approve option is used, submitted questions need to be approved by a moderator first before being published on the product page. You can choose to post the answer directly on the product page, notify the customer by e-mail, or both.

answer magento product questions

Customizable e-mail notifications

product questions e-mail notifications

Our Magento® Product Questions extension includes a full-fledged e-mail notification system to notify customers and admins about submitted product questions and answers.

The notification senders, recipients and content are fully customizable and support the use of various insertable variables.

In this way you can automatically include product question related details in your notifications, such as the customer and moderator name, the product name, SKU and product page URL, or a copy of the question or answer.

Product questions ticker widget

Our extension also includes a Product Question widget which can be inserted anywhere in your front-end Magento® store, for example in a product category page sidebar as exemplified on the right.

The ticker widget rotates random questions and answers that directly link to the corresponding product page.

The widget design is fully responsive and its title, number of rows and rotating questions and answers are easily configured in the back-end.

magento product question ticker widget

Product questions in customer account

product questions customer account tab

Our Magento® extension adds a Product Questions tab in the back and front-end customer account, allowing you to easily manage submitted questions per customers in the Admin Panel.

Besides that, customers can log in to their account to view their submitted questions and answers in the 'My Product Questions' tab.

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5 star rated top quality extension

This extension is rated 5 out of 5 stars. When purchasing our Product Questions Magento Extension you don't only get a top quality extension, but also our five star customer support!

To most of our customers the high service level and expertise we offer is at least as important as the extension itself. At Plugin Company we realize that excellent product support and good communication is essential for making your and our business a success. This is exactly why we have made our support level our biggest selling point to date.

5 star rating magento connect

Magento extension reviews

Rated 5 out of 5
  • Excellent

    It works exactly as described.
    Technical support is awesome.
    recommended 100%!

    October 16, 2017
  • Simple, great extension

    Simple, great extension. Essential to increase page rank and for better SEO for your website. Easy set-up. Comes with good user manual. We had a little issue which was resolved very quickly.

    May 19, 2016
  • Best Customer support ever!!

    I really must say i received the best support ever. The module didnt work with my theme out of the box and I didnt manage to get it set up so I contacted the chat. And got a super friendly support that assistet and even added the neccesary code lines in my theme files to make it work. ! Even so I work late hours, the chat was even in the evening available ! Thats an impressive service !

    Thanks a lot again for the help I much appreciate and can only recomment this developer !!

    November 4, 2015
  • Improves your trust and your conversion rate

    Online shoppers are lazy, that’s why they buy online. Our page is really clear and easy to understand. But our clients won’t read the description. But they have question and want answers. So the best ways to give them their answers are short questions.

    The extension is doing exactly what we want. The layout and design is out of the box really good and responsive! There are many features which helps us to get best usability. The installation was easy and all was good documented. A little bug with our theme was no problem for the support. The Support helped us allot and saved our time.

    I recommend this extension because it doesn’t help only the clients on your page, it will also bring new content to every product pages. So your SEO ranking will be affected positive.

    Thank You Plugin Company

    October 18, 2015
  • Over 5 stars support !

    5 stars support ! Developer has very prompt and excellent support !

    May 11, 2015
  • First class customer service and plugin customization

    I came across this add-on and compared it to some others on the market. There were a few things missing to make it really comparable but I liked the overall.

    I contacted them about one feature I would really like to see in the add-on and within minutes, Milan Simek from the dev company sent me an email, telling me he will add it within short time.
    He also asked me if I may have more suggestions, what I would like to see in this add-on. I told him a couple of things, which I have seen on other products and he agreed and was happy to add all my mentioned features. It took about 2 days and all was implemented, still with the same price.
    Wow, now it's a fantastic add-on with many features and definitely worth the money.

    Thanks Milan Simek, you were fantastic.
    I will use your company again if I need some add-ons.

    May 5, 2015

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Release Notes

Changelog v1.6.0

Added e-mail header / footer theme to question and answer notification

Added default 'Answered by' field in system configuration

Fixed issue where product link in notification e-mail didn't work when 'Add store code to URLs' is enabled in multi-store config

20th of September 2019

Changelog v1.5.0

Ask a question link is now displayed as a button

All inputs now have the input-text css class, which is used in many themes including the RWD theme

21st of July 2018

Changelog v1.4.0

New system config option which allows enabling / disabling private questions

Fix for issue where the total questions count was incorrect when there were multiple pages of questions

17th of May 2018

Changelog v1.3.1

Code improvements for Magento Marketplace

Small admin improvement

24th of December 2017

Changelog v1.3.0

Added reCaptcha to front-end product question form

Removed questions block from product review page

10th of March 2017

Changelog v1.2.3

Added out of the box support for Ultimo / Infortis theme

Added Magento template mailer support for custom mailer extensions like Mandrill

28th of June 2016

Changelog v1.2.2

Fixed bug related to deleting multiple questions at once in the back-end

Fixed empty product question submission bug

Fixed e-mail notification sending issue

Fixed permissions ACL issue

Fixed issue regarding back button in admin interface

1st of May 2016

Changelog v1.2.1

Template variables now parsed in front-end questions and answers

Fixed minor CSS styling issue related to product questions widget

30th of March 2016

Changelog v1.2.0

Added front-end product question sort order option

Set default back-end product question sort order to descending by date

Set reply to question recipient to customer e-mail address

Fixed CSS and thumbs display issue on subsequent product question pages

Made upvote and downvote numbers clickable as well

Moved CSS and JS to layout XML

Removed URLs from JS so Google doesn’t try to crawl

Fixed compatibility issue with older PhP versions

Added German translation support

27th of November 2015

Changelog v1.1.3

Made compatible with SUPEE-6788

11th of November 2015

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