Regular Mail Shipping Magento Extension

Perfect solution for shipping smaller items in envelopes

  • Enable product shipping per envelope in Magento®
  • Specify shipping rates for first and each additional envelope
  • Define a maximum amount of envelopes per order
  • Set the envelope capacity based on custom a measurement unit
  • Enable extension for all products by default or selected products
  • Specify individual product sizes measured in custom units
  • Perfect solution for shipping small or lightweight products
  • Can be used to create a 'no insurance' shipping method
  • Save money by shipping items using regular postage
  • Fully compatible with Magento® Simple Shipping Estimate
Magento logo CE 1.4.x - 1.9.x, EE 1.8.x - 1.14.x

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Enable product shipping per envelope in Magento®

product shipping per envelope mail

Our Regular Mail Shipping extension is a simple solution for shipping products per envelope mail, such as small or lightweight items.

Adding a new shipping method to Magento®, the extension enables you to add shipping rates for envelopes, with an optional maximum amount of envelopes allowed per order.

The Regular Mail shipping method can be enabled for all products by default or selected products only.

Calculate the envelope capacity based on custom units

The amount of items fitting in one envelope is measured based on a custom capacity unit, for example grams, sheets, pieces, sets, cm³, etc.

By defining the envelope's capacity and product sizes in custom units, the Regular Mail Shipping extension will automatically calculate the amount of envelopes required to ship an order.

The benefit of this calculation method is that when switching to a different envelope size, only the envelope capacity needs to be adjusted, while leaving the individual product sizes intact.

magento shipping rates per envelope

Send small and cheap items without insurance

magento no insurance shipping

When selling many small and cheap products it isn't necessary to send these items using more expensive insured shipping methods. Instead you can save shipping costs by mailing the products using regular mail shipping.

By using our Magento® extension as a 'no insurance' shipping method, your customers will be happy to choose a cheaper shipping option, while saving yourself a great deal of money!

Fully compatible with Magento® Simple Shipping Estimate

Magento® Regular Mail Shipping is fully compatible with our Simple Shipping Estimate extension, which enables you to simplify the checkout process by choosing one of the three alternative shipping estimation block designs.

Instantly estimating the shipping costs in the shopping cart based on prefilled and preselected values, this extension is perfect for Magento® stores with limited shipping destinations and methods.

magento regular mail shipping extension

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Release Notes

First Release v1.0.0

First release of Magento Regular Mail Shipping extension by Plugin Company.

27th of July 2015

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Regular Mail Shipping Magento® Extension