Simple Shipping Estimate Magento Extension

Simplify checkout with instant shipping costs estimation in the shopping cart

  • Simplify the checkout process in your Magento® webshop
  • Instantly show estimated shipping costs in the shopping cart
  • Choose from thee simple shipping estimation block layouts
  • Use default block with prefilled shipping destination & method
  • Replace block with shipping method dropdown menu
  • Completely hide the shipping estimation block
  • Estimate costs based on default shipping method & destination
  • Calculate shipping rates based on customer's default address
  • Enable customers to proceed through checkout faster
  • Prevent abandoned carts by communicate shipping costs upfront
  • Improve your customer satisfaction and shopping experience
  • Perfect for webshops with limited shipping destinations!
Magento logo CE 1.4.x - 1.9.x, EE 1.8.x - 1.14.x

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Faster Magento® checkout with simplified shopping cart

For most Magento® merchants the default shipping estimation block in their webshop's shopping cart tends to over-complicate and slow down the check-out process. Customers first need to enter their address details, select a shipping method and click the 'Estimate' button to show their order's estimated shipping costs.

For stores with limited shipping destinations, our Magento® Simple Shipping Estimate extension offers a perfect solution to simplify your customers' checkout experience. It provides you three alternative shipping estimation block layouts that all instantly show the estimated shipping costs when arriving in the shopping cart!

magento simple shipping estimate extension

Simple shipping estimation blocks

Using our extension you can choose from three simplified shipping estimation block layouts that directly show an order's estimated shipping costs based on your default shipping address and shipping method. You can completely hide the shipping estimation block and only show the estimated shipping costs, which is especially useful for Magento® stores with only one shipping method.

The second layout replaces the address section with a simple shipping method drop-down, which is perfect if you are using the same shipping rates for all your shipping destinations. Lastly, you can choose to use Magento®'s default shipping estimation block design, but showing a prefilled shipping destination and shipping method with instantly estimated shipping costs.

simple shipping estimation block layouts

Instant shipping cost calculation

By configuring a default shipping destination and shipping method the estimated shipping costs are directly shown in the shopping cart, while for logged in customers the costs are automatically calculated based on their default shipping or billing address.

In this way you can enable customers to proceed through checkout faster and prevent abandoned carts by communicating your total shipping costs more clearly.

By simplifying your checkout process with instant shipping costs estimation, Simple Shipping Estimate will surely improve your customer satisfaction level and shopping experience!

magento simple shipping estimate settings

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  • Excellent Plugin & Support

    This plugin price is not expensive and works as described. Their support is excellent. I reported a small bug, they fixed it very well. A trusted company!

    March 29, 2016
  • Awesome support

    This is a neat little plugin - the developers went beyond the call in terms of the support provided. Well done guys, your support was much appreciated!

    August 30, 2015

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Release Notes

Changelog v1.1.1

Magento EE compatibility release

8th of April 2019

Changelog v1.1.0

Fixed empty cart shopping cart bug

Added shipping cost estimation based on default shipping or billing address of logged in customers

25th of October 2016

Changelog v1.0.2

Fixed issue regarding sales rule based on shipping method

Fixed JS bug

23rd of March 2016

Changelog v1.0.1

Fixed compatibility issue with Product Matrixrates extension

6th of September 2015

First Release v1.0.0

First release of Magento Simple Shipping Estimate extension by Plugin Company.

30th of October 2014

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Simple Shipping Estimate Magento® Extension