Product Shipping Rates Per Country Magento Extension

Shipping Rates Configuration Options

  • Specify unique product shipping rates per SKU and per country
  • Configure default rates per destination country or region
  • Add fixed order shipping fees per country or destination group
  • Easily configure country shipping rates with built-in region presets
  • Create custom presets for quick shipping rates configuration
  • Set up configurable product rates based on parent / child product

Shipping Costs Calculation Options

  • Calculate shipping costs per item, product or per shopping cart
  • Add product shipping rates to total shipping costs
  • Override total shipping costs with highest product shipping rate
  • Ship smaller items for free with large / heavy items
  • Perfect for international webshops with a diverse product range
  • Configure your product shipping costs exactly the way you want!
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Super flexible shipping rates solution

Our Product Shipping Rates Per Country extension provides a super flexible solution for eCommerce businesses struggling with the limited shipping rate configuration options in the default Magento® store installation.

The extension lets you easily set up shipping rates per product, order and destination country and includes various other shipping costs calculation methods to configure your shipping rates exactly the way you want!

Use the default settings for all your goods or specify unique shipping rates per product. On top of that, you can quickly configure the shipping costs of multiple products at once by creating custom shipping rate presets.

product shipping rates per country extension

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Shipping rates per destination country

When selling your products to an international customer base, there's a big chance you want to charge different shipping rates per destination country.

Our extension lets you easily configure shipping rates per country or selected destination groups, which can be further specified for each individual product.

With the built-in presets you can automatically select multiple countries from the same region, saving yourself a lot of time and effort!

magento shipping rates per country

Shipping costs per product or per item

product shipping rate calculation

Our Magento® Product Shipping Rates extension provides you with two product shipping rate calculation options.

You can charge the costs per item, multiplying the shipping rate with the ordered quantity.

Or you can choose to calculate the costs per product/SKU, charging the shipping rate only once, regardless of the ordered quantity.

Total shipping costs calculation

The extension also includes two total shipping costs calculation methods.

Using the first option, the costs of each product or item are added up to the total product shipping costs.

The second method overrides the total shipping costs with the highest product shipping rate, which for example can be used to ship small or light products for free with large or heavy items.

total product shipping cost calculation

Fixed order fees per country

magento fixed order shipping rates

Our Product Shipping Rates extension now also enables you to configure fixed shipping rates per order and per country!

The fixed order fee is added to the total product shipping costs, regardless of whether products with an overriding shipping rates added to the shopping cart.

Fixed order shipping rates are easily set up in the extension's configuration screen using the same method as with product shipping rates per country.

Unique product shipping rates per country

The best feature of our Magento® extension is that you can configure all of the forementioned settings for each individual product separately.

In this way you can specify unique product shipping rates per country in the product's admin page, or select a custom preset for even faster shipping costs configuration!

You can add shipping rates per country, calculate the shipping costs per item or per product and choose whether the costs should be added to the total product shipping costs or override it.

When product-specific rates are configured, they will automatically override the default shipping settings in the extension's config screen.

magento shipping rates per product per country

Configurable product shipping rates

magento configurable product shipping rates

When setting up shipping rates for configurable products, you can choose to automatically copy the settings of the parent or child product(s).

Besides that you can use a custom shipping rate calculation SKU to treat items that are sold in various sizes, colors, etc. as one single product.

Custom shipping rate presets

Would you like to use the same shipping rate settings for multiple products, such as products of the same type, attribute set or price category?

Using our extension's Preset Manager you can create custom shipping rate presets, allowing you to select multiple products from your catalog and modify their shipping costs all at once!

magento product shipping rate preset

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5 star rated top quality extension

5 star rating magento connect

This extension is rated 5 out of 5 stars. When purchasing our Product Shipping Rates Per Country Magento Extension you don't only get a top quality extension, but also our five star customer support!

To most of our customers the high service level and expertise we offer is at least as important as the extension itself. At Plugin Company we realize that excellent product support and good communication is essential for making your and our business a success. This is exactly why we have made our support level our biggest selling point to date.

Magento extension reviews

Rated 5 out of 5
  • Excellent support, great extension!

    For a small money you can adjust the shippingrates in magento as you wish. Kaja, the support manager helped us to solve another problem by a perfect explanation referring magento price rules.
    She solved our problems with the shippingrates and we are so grateful! We can recommend the extensions and plugin company 100%.

    January 25, 2017
  • Great extension, Great Support

    We are really very excited and satisfied by this extension, the support is also very professional, they have not only installed the extension for us , but also set up everything as we wished. we really recommend it.
    5 Stars

    May 12, 2016
  • Great extension and Perfect Support

    After install on magento 1.7 i found some small problem. and their support is just perfect, problem solved just a minute. I recommended this company extension :) thanks

    November 10, 2015
  • remarkable support

    First of all - the support of plugin company is remarkable!! I had a few issues because we have plenty of different products to ship - light, heavy, big, small, cheap, expensive...and we want to ship worldwide. The developer always replied after a short while and could help me with all my issues.

    August 30, 2015
  • Great plugin

    Installed the plugin and noticed a few things weren't functioning as described. Contacted supported and within minutes I got a reply. The staff solved every problem I had.

    The plugin itself works perfectly. It is extremely useful as the default shipping magento has isn't complex enough for many websites.

    June 18, 2015
  • Excellent product

    Very good product! Easy to use and install.

    It makes it very easy to manage different shipping costs per product.

    May 2, 2015

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Release Notes

Changelog v1.2.8

Magento EE compatibility release

8th of April 2019

Changelog v1.2.7

Code improvements for Magento Marketplace

24th of December 2017

Changelog v1.2.6

Fixed preset product selection issue

23rd of November 2017

Changelog v1.2.5

Fixed warning level error in carrier model

30th of March 2017

Changelog v1.2.4

Fixed mass attribute update bug

23rd of February 2017

Changelog v1.2.3

Fixed several issues regarding configurable product calculation

6th of April 2016

Changelog v1.2.2

Fixed region selection bug in config screen

18th of December 2015

Changelog v1.2.1

Fixed non-default attribute set ID bug

15th of December 2015

Changelog v1.2.0

Added option for configuring fixed order shipping rates per country

Fixed some minor bugs

8th of December 2015

Changelog v1.1.4

Fixed bug regarding override shipping rate setting and per SKU calculation

12th of November 2015

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