CMS Revisions Magento 2 Extension

Version Control Magento® 2 Extension for content pages and blocks

  • Simple and efficient version control solution for Magento® 2
  • Automatically backup CMS pages and blocks with every save
  • Restore CMS revisions with one click of a button
  • Quickly preview page revisions in front-end store
  • Directly edit block revisions in the back-end content editor
  • Keep unlimited versions of Magento® 2 pages and blocks
  • Instantly see by who and when each revisions was made
  • Never accidentally delete important store content
  • Perfect for webshops with frequently changing content and designs
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All Editions: CE, EE & Cloud

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Automatic backup of store content

Afraid of accidentally deleting valuable store content or messing up the layout of your webshop, wishing you had a made a backup to revert to? Try our simple yet indispensable content management and version control solution for Magento® 2!

Our CMS Revisions extension automatically backups content pages and blocks, allowing you to keep multiple versions of your store content and roll back to saved revisions at any time with only one click of a button.

magento 2 cms revisions extension

One click preview & restore functionality

CMS Revisions for Magento® 2 automatically creates a backup each time a page or block is saved and enables you to easily preview, edit and restore revisions directly in the Admin Panel.

You can quickly preview page revisions in the front-end store and easily compare changes made to the page content and layout, while block revisions can be directly loaded and modified in the back-end content editor.

With the plugin's one click restore functionality you can roll back revisions at any time without worrying about losing your store content!

backup and restore pages & blocks

Simplified content management

magento 2 content management

Our CMS Revisions extension provides you with a clear overview of all changes made to your store's content pages and blocks, directly showing when and by who each revision has been made.

Because you can save an unlimited amount of CMS revisions in the back-end, our extension offers a great solution for Magento® 2 webshops with frequently changing designs or recurring seasonal promotions.

Order now and never lose CMS content again!

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Release Notes

Changelog v100.2.1

PHP 8.x compatibility fix (Magento 2.4.4 / 2.4.5)

13th of February 2023

Changelog v100.2.0

Added ACL permissions functionality for CMS Block Revisions: General, restore & delete

Added ACL permissions functionality for CMS Page Revisions: General, restore & delete

Fixed confirmation popup text rendering issue for Magento versions below v2.4.0 (issue was introduced in v100.1.11)

23rd of April 2021

Changelog v100.1.11

Fixed confirmation popup text rendering issue for Magento 2.4.x

Verified compatibility with Magento 2.4.x and PHP 7.4.x

12th of August 2020

Changelog v100.1.10

Verified compatibility with Magento ECE / EE 2.3.5 + PageBuilder

Updated PHP and licence manager version requirements in composer.json

12th of July 2020

Changelog v100.1.9

Removed block revision 'Edit' button when Page Builder module is active

16th of August 2019

Changelog v100.1.8

Removed magento framework dependency from composer.json

Updated license manager dependency in composer.json

16th of April 2019

Changelog v100.1.7

License manager update to latest version

19th of July 2018

Changelog v100.1.6

Fixed conflict with other extensions generating CMS pages and blocks during installation

1st of March 2018

Changelog v100.1.5

Fix for block saving issue introduced in v100.1.4

7th of February 2018

Changelog v100.1.4

Fixed issue where selecting all revisions and then deselecting one or more resulted in the delete mass action not working properly

Fix for double creation of revisions when saving page / block

3rd of February 2018

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CMS Revisions Magento® 2 Extension