Automatic Customer Group Switching Magento Extension

Flexible automatic customer group management solution for Magento®

  • Flexible rule-based extension with endless possibilities
  • Automatically manage customer groups based on custom rules
  • Create group switching rules with extensive choice of conditions
  • Switch groups based on customer attributes and account details
  • Group customers by city, state, region or country
  • Organize customers by total turnover and other sales attributes
  • Switch groups based on ordered product attributes
  • Set up group switching rules for recurring PayPal profiles
  • Automatically manage customers with product memberships
  • Create rules based on specific order history time frames
  • Define the rule's processing order, period and events
  • Execute single rule or multiple rules 'on demand'
  • Periodically batch process rules with integrated Cron functionality
  • Optionally notify customers and admins by e-mail
  • Easily set up virtually any type of automatic group switching rule!
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Automatic customer group management

Managing your customer groups can be a time-consuming and numbing job, especially if you're running a successful eCommerce business with a large and diverse customer base.

Our Automatic Customer Group Switching plugin provides you with a super flexible solution for automating your customer group management in Magento®.

By setting up custom group switching rules choosing from an extensive list of conditions, customers are automatically moved to any desired group, saving you a lot of valuable time and effort!

magento automatic customer group switching extension

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Super flexible group switching rules

Automatic Customer Group Switching is based on a rule system you might be familiar with when working with catalog or shopping cart price rules in Magento®.

It enables you to set up custom group switching rules with an extensive choice of conditions, including customer attributes and account information, shipping and billing address details, order and invoice totals, single order and product attributes, and recurring Paypal profiles.

By configuring and combining the conditions according to your specific requirements you can easily create virtually any type of automatic group switching rule!

customer group switching rule conditions

Customer account information

group customers by account information

Our extension includes various options for settings up rules based on customer attributes and address details, such as newsletter subscription, account age and default shipping address, or any other custom attribute used for customers.

This way you could automatically move your newsletter subscribers to a special discount group, reward recurring customers by making them a VIP member, or group your customers by city, region or country!

Aggregated sales & product attributes

Automatic Customer Group Switching offers many possibilities to organize your customers based on single orders or aggregated sales attributes of the order and invoice history.

Using these rule conditions you can automatically group customers generating a certain monthly turnover or move clients to a shipping discount group based on their order's weight or shipping costs.

On top of that you can also create group switching rules related to ordered product attributes, such as SKU, category, price, ordered quantity and total product turnover

This allows you to switch groups based on purchased products, either looking at the customer's order history or new orders only.

organize customers by sales attributes

Recurring profiles & membership products

manage recurring profiles and product memberships

Our extension provides an excellent solution to manage customers with recurring Paypal profiles by moving them to different groups based on their profile state and other attributes.

Besides that you can set up rules based on the customer's recent and past purchasing activity, for example to automatically move customers to an active membership group if a membership product has been bought in the last 30 days, or any other order history time frame.

Configurable rule processing options

Magento® Customer Group Auto-Switching comes with various options to automatically execute customer group switching rules.

You can process individual or multiple rules 'on demand', execute each rule on specific group switching events, for example when a customer account is saved or when a new order is created, or periodically batch process rules with the integrated Cron functionality.

Besides that you can set a period during which a rule should be executed, define its priority and stop further processing after a specific rule.

group switching rule options

Customizable e-mail notifications

group switching e-mail notifications

Our Magento® extension includes an optional e-mail notification functionality to notify your customers and admin users of automatic group switching events.

The e-mails can be enabled and configured for each rule separately and support the use of various insertable variables, enabling you to automatically include customer group switching related data in your notification content.

Unlimited group switching possibilities

The above mentioned group switching examples are just simple illustrations of commonly used rules for automating your customer group management in Magento®.

By setting up as many rules as you want choosing from a wide range of rule conditions and processing options, the only limit is your imagination!

unlimited customer group switching rules

Ready to set up your first rules? Get started now!

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30 day money back guarantee, 100% satisfaction guarantee

5 star rated top quality extension

5 star rating magento connect

This extension is rated 5 out of 5 stars. When purchasing our Automatic Customer Group Switching Magento Extension you don't only get a top quality extension, but also our five star customer support!

To most of our customers the high service level and expertise we offer is at least as important as the extension itself. At Plugin Company we realize that excellent product support and good communication is essential for making your and our business a success. This is exactly why we have made our support level our biggest selling point to date.

Magento extension reviews

Rated 5 out of 5
  • powerful, well thought out plugin

    This is an awesome plugin and exactly what I was looking for to automatically put a particular type of customer in a group for things like special discounting, email segmentation, etc. I've had limited contact with support but interaction so far has been quick and thorough.

    March 25, 2018
  • Stellar extension, stellar support

    I have a very specific need on my stores for automatic group switching. I have a set of older stores (magento 1) and i'm building new stores in magento 2

    The magento 2 extension installation was a breeze and it simply worked beautifully.
    The magento 1 extension installed fine but wasn't working as expected. That was due to my version of magento being very old (I'm using 1.5 in 2018, i know it's very old). I contacted the developer and received an immediate response that was very satisfactory, but it was clear that there would be a large amount of work to make the extension backwards compatible for 1.5.x.

    And he did it! a whole new version was released to ensure backwards compatibility with my ancient version.
    I have now both Magento 1 and Magento 2 running the same extension, and it works as expected. I'm very happy

    This is what GREAT customer support is supposed to be like. Thank you so very much.

    January 18, 2018
  • Great Extension

    Saves tons of time and money, worth of money.

    Great, Super work

    January 26, 2017
  • Great support!

    We wanted more control on customer group assignment and this extension seems to be the answer.
    We had some issues getting the extension to work in our testing environment, but only because the Magento module installer failed the database table creation.
    After contacting their support, they were very helpful and together we managed to get the extension to work after finding the real cause of the issue.

    August 9, 2016
  • Thank you for the great support!

    This extension worked exactly as we needed it to.
    We discovered a small conflict in the extension and the developer fixed it for us immediately. Very quick and friendly support was much appreciated!

    October 31, 2015
  • Fantastic job

    I just wanted to drop you guys a line and say fantastic job on the app. I doubt if most of your customers know how in depth you went with it. But it even works with the custom option skus on recurring profiles, not to mention the other details. Very well thought out and done, miles beyond any of the other similar apps on the market, I have tried them all. Worked perfectly right out of the box. Worth every penny. Thank you.

    October 15, 2015

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Release Notes

Changelog v1.12.1

Replaced occurence of short array syntax with regular array syntax. The short array syntax causes issues when using an older version of PHP, for example during cron execution.

13th of February 2020

Changelog v1.12.0

Added 'Last Automatic Group Switch' customer attribute

Added 'Last automatic group switch days ago' condition for group switching rules

23rd of September 2019

Changelog v1.11.0

Optimized performance for on demand rule execution in the admin area by pre-filtering the customer collection on "From Group" and "Website" combination(s) based on the selected rule(s)

Optimized performance for cron job group switching by pre-selecting rules enabled for cron job event & current date and by pre-filtering customer collection on possible "From Group" and "Website" combination(s) from the currently active rule(s)

Improved error reporting during manual rule execution from admin area

Fixed customer attribute loading issue during manual rule execution from admin area

3rd of April 2019

Changelog v1.10.6

Fix for issue related to total qty in cart condition

Added translation csv file

Fix for date display in subselection condition. Previously displayed date was adjusted for timezone.

24th of January 2018

Changelog v1.10.4

Added support for Magento 1.4.x - 1.6.x. (Additional patch is needed when installing the extension on these Magento versions)

13th of January 2018

Changelog v1.10.3

Dropped Magento 1.5.x support due to Magento Marketplace code style limitations

6th of November 2017

Changelog v1.10.2

Minor code improvements

28th of October 2017

Changelog v1.10.1

Fixed bug regarding default billing address condition

Some minor optimizations and improvements

12th of October 2017

Changelog v1.10.0

Added payment method to order history conditions

Shipping method condition is now select option

29th of September 2017

Changelog v1.9.3

Fixed issue regarding on-demand bulk group switcher

22nd of July 2017

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