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Product Page PDF Magento 2 Extension

PDF download & print-out functionality for Magento® 2 product pages

  • Enable customers to download a PDF of your product pages
  • Compatible with all product types in Magento® 2
  • Add a PDF download icon or text link to any product page block
  • Easily customize the product page PDF layout, content and design
  • Includes 40 Google fonts and seven image gallery layouts
  • Choose to show descriptions, images, prices and custom options
  • Sort product page sections using simple drag and drop system
  • Show a PDF header with custom store logo and text content
  • Add a footer with product page URL, time stamp and pagination
  • Provide your B2B customers with a handy product page print-out
  • Download PDF from product admin page with one button click
  • Can be used for unlimited products without additional subscriptions!
Magento logo Magento 2.1.x - 2.2.x

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USD 149.00
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A Convenient PDF Download Feature For Your Store

Add a PDF download and print-out functionality to your Magento® 2 webshop now with our Product Page PDF extension! By clicking the PDF icon or text link customers can directly view and download a PDF version of your product pages.

The extension supports all product types in Magento® 2, including configurable, bundle and grouped products, while the PDF content, layout and design are easily customized in the user-friendly admin interface.

magento 2 product page pdf

Order now and add beautiful PDF documents to your store!

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30 day money back guarantee, 100% satisfaction guarantee

Easy Customizable Layout & Design

Our extension lets you easily configure the layout and design of the product page PDF in the Magento® 2 Admin Panel, including the optional header and footer which can be added to the product page PDF.

The header can be used to display a custom store logo and / or name and three columns of text content, for example for showing your business address, contact details or other any other company information. The footer can contain page numbers, the product page URL and a time stamp.

Using the plugin you can also choose to show or hide the product price, the design of which automatically adjusts to bundle or grouped product pricing.

customize product pdf content & design

Configurable Content Sections

product page pdf content sections

Supporting all Magento® 2 product types, the PDF can include all product information or specific product page sections only, which can be individually enabled in the back-end.

The configurable content sections include the product descriptions, price, images, additional information, custom options and configurable, bundle and grouped products.

Using a simple drag and drop interface, the sort order of the content sections can be easily modified and each section can be optionally shown on a new page instead of continuing on an existing page.

Because pictures often say more than a thousand words, our Magento® 2 extension includes seven unique PDF image gallery styles to choose from.

Depending on the number of product images available and the selected gallery layout, the plugin automatically distributes the images evenly across the PDF pages, ensuring an optimal presentation of your product range.

You can optionally add a border around the images and choose a custom border color. On top of that, our Product Page PDF extension automatically filters out duplicate product images and includes configurable child image support.

product pdf image gallery layouts

Custom Fonts & Colors

product pdf font styles

Including no less than 40 Google fonts, the Product Page PDF extension lets you customize the font family, size and color of various PDF elements, including the header and footer texts, product title, price and content section headings.

This way you can select a default font for the whole PDF, or configure a custom font style for each text element.

Using personalized font styles and other design details such as the header separator and price background color, our plugin makes it simple to create a PDF design matching your corporate identity and house style!

Download Documents on the Front- & Back-end

By clicking the PDF download icon or text link that can be placed in any product page block, our Magento® 2 extension instantly converts your product page to a handy PDF document, which automatically opens in a new browser tab.

Besides that the plugin now also makes it possible for admin users to directly download the PDF from the product admin page with just one button click.

Download PDF from Admin Panel

Impress Clients With a Stylish PDF Brochure

With its clean and professional design, the product PDF provides your customers with a stylish print-out of all your product details.

The examples above are just a few simple illustrations of the possibilities with regards to the PDF layout and content of each product type.

Best of all, the extension can be used for an unlimited number of products without any additional subscription fees!

Ready to start adding pdf documents to your store?

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30 day money back guarantee, 100% satisfaction guarantee

Magento extension reviews

  • Simply awesome!

    Very comprehensive interface, great functionality. Even people with little knowledge of programming or developing websites will understand this extension, it is extremely user-friendly. Every update really adds to the functionality and feel of the plugin. No problems so far, only great solutions. Absolutely recommend using it!

    On the developer/PluginCompany:
    We have built a few Magento 1 shops and are currently developing a Magento 2 shop. In all the time developing these websites and looking for solutions, we have NEVER found a developer and company who/which is so committed to delivering the best customer service (and we have seen and worked with A LOT of developers). For instance adding a functionality to the next update within two days after asking for it!
    Concluding this review: we are 100+% satisfied and recommend PluginCompany to anyone looking for a good solution.

    September 26, 2018
  • Excellent

    A dramatic improvement on our previous HTML print page. Lots of design flexibility and a much more professional looking result.

    August 23, 2018

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30 day money back guarantee, 100% satisfaction guarantee

Release Notes

Changelog v100.5.1

Updated i18n translation .csv file

26th of October 2018

Changelog v100.5.0

Added option to set the amount of images to show in the media gallery section

Improved duplicate image filter accuracy for similar images with different color

26th of September 2018

Changelog v100.4.2

Small compatibility fix for Magento 2.2.4 and Magento 2.2.5

Fix for admin PDF download button not working in some cases

License manager module update

22nd of July 2018

Changelog v100.4.0

New feature allowing PDF printing on admin panel product page

19th of May 2018

Changelog v100.3.1

Fix for price type attribute issue in product attributes table

15th of May 2018

Changelog v100.3.0

New option to show / hide prices per PDF content section

Fixed potential issue regarding empty select / multiselect attributes still showing when 'Hide empty attributes' is enabled

Other code refactoring / improvements

5th of May 2018

Changelog v100.2.2

Fixed custom options price issue

9th of April 2018

Changelog v100.2.1

Added fallback method for installing Google Fonts

Better error reporting

New option to hide empty attributes from additional information section

16th of March 2018

Changelog v100.1.8

Image gallery now falls back to single large image if no additional images are available

22nd of February 2018

Changelog v100.1.7

Fixed dependency injection issue caused by namespace mismatch after compiling

22nd of February 2018

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Product Page PDF Magento® 2 Extension