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Front-end Settings

In the Front-end Settings section you can:

  • Enable the extension, which will add a PDF download link or icon to all front-end product pages.
  • Select the product page block in which the PDF link or icon should be shown, or use a custom CSS selector.
  • Choose if the PDF link or icon should be inserted before, after or prepended / appended to the selected product page block.
  • Select the display type of the PDF download link, choosing between a text link, an icon, or and icon and text link (see front-end examples).
  • Upload a custom icon image if the display type ‘Icon’ or ‘Icon & Text’ is selected. If no icon is uploaded, the default PDF icon will be used.
  • Enter a custom PDF link title. If the display type ‘Icon’ or ‘Icon & Text’ is selected, the entered value will function as the icon title and alt attribute.
  • Style the PDF link or icon using custom CSS as exemplified below.
  • Enter custom CSS classes to customize the PDF download link / icon using a CSS stylesheet.

magento 2 product page pdf front-end settings

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