What kind of support can I expect when purchasing a Plugin Company extension?

When purchasing a plugin from us you’re automatically entitled to one year of free support, which includes bug fixes and adding or improving essential features or functionalities. Although we’ll do our very best to help our customers with any issues, Plugin Company is not liable for any compatibility issues caused by custom themes or third party extensions. If you require extensive support or custom development work, please contact us to discuss the possibilities and request a quote.

How can I contact Plugin Company for support?

You can contact us with any questions or issues related to our extensions using this contact form or the chat application on our website. If you use the chat app, please remember to leave your email address to ensure you won’t miss our reply. Our Support team will often need access to your Magento® admin environment and FTP server for debugging and resolving issues. To speed up the support process, feel free to provide the following details when contacting us:

Magento® admin details

admin URL:



FTP details




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