What are the license terms for Plugin Company extensions?

You can find the full Plugin Company Extension License Agreement here. This license agreement is also included in each extension download package.

Can I install your Magento® 2 extension on multiple domains using the same license?

If the domains are part of the same Magento® 2 multi-store installation you can use a single extension license for all domains. If however the domains are part of different Magento® 2 installations, a separate license must be purchased for each domain.

Can I install your Magento® 2 extension on a test site and on a live site using the same license?

Sure! One single extension license is valid for one Magento® 2 live site / production environment and an unlimited amount of test / staging / development environments.

Are your Magento® 2 extensions encrypted?

Our extensions are 100% open source and unencrypted, which means you can easily add your own customizations and adjustments as you please.

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