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Integrating Product Questions in the Ultimo Theme

If you’re using the Ultimo theme for Magento®, you can add the Product Questions panel to your product pages following the instructions below.

  • Navigate to CMS > Static Blocks in the top Admin Panel menu and open the ‘Product tab2’ block.
  • Copy-paste the following code snippet in the block content editor:
  • {{block type="productquestions/frontend_questions" template="plugincompany/questions.phtml"}}
  • Save the CMS block and go to System > Permissions > Block in the Admin Panel menu.
  • Click ‘Add New Block’ and enter the following description in the ‘Block Name’ field: productquestions/frontend_questions
  • Enable the ‘Is Allowed’ option and click the ‘Save Block’ button in the top right corner of the page to integrate Magento® Product Questions in the Ultimo theme product pages.
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