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Product Page PDF Front-end Examples

Below are a couple of examples of the extension’s front-end display settings and PDF layout and design options.

Product Page PDF Download Icon / Link

The default PDF download icon placed in the product page ‘Sharing’ block.

product page pdf download icon

PDF download link under the product stock information.

product page pdf download link

Simple Product Page PDF

Example of a simple product page PDF, with and without pricing. The various sections of the product page can be sorted and rearranged in the PDF using a simple drag and drop system.

simple product page pdf magento

Configurable Product Page PDF

Example of a configurable product PDF with header and footer. The header can contain a custom logo, company name and up to three columns with text content. The footer may include pagination, the product page URL and a time stamp.

configurable product pdf magento

Bundle Product Page PDF

Example of a bundle product page PDF showing the product options.

bundle product page PDF magento

Grouped Product

Example of a grouped product page PDF with header and footer.

grouped product pdf magento

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