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Using the Lazy Load Extension

By installing and enabling Lazy Load Ultimate for Magento®, the loading of front-end store images is delayed until they enter the user’s ‘viewport’ (the visible area of a webpage), for example when the user scrolls down a store page.

Lazy image loading improves site performance and Google ranking by making pages load faster and reducing the server’s bandwidth usage.

In contrast to other comparable extensions which show generic placeholders or empty space when loading images, Magento® Lazy Load Ultimate loads the full-size images with a smooth transition using blurred placeholder thumbnails as a starting point (see front-end examples).

As of v1.2.0 it’s also possible to display a transparent or a low resolution (blurred or pixelated) placeholder image.

From v1.4.0 the extension also supports lazy loading of YouTube and Vimeo iframe embed videos.

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