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Executing Customer Group Switching Rules

Automatic Customer Group Switching includes several options to execute rules: on specific rule processing events, on demand (single rule or mass action) and periodically using Cron.

Executing Rules On Demand

There are two options for executing group switching ‘on demand’.

Individual rules can be processed by clicking the ‘Save and Execute’ button in the top right corner of the rule view.

save and execute customer group switching rules

It’s also possible to bulk process multiple rules at once by selecting them from the Automatic Customer Group Switching Rules grid. Choose the ‘Execute Selected Rules On Demand’ option from the Actions dropdown menu in the top right corner of the page and click ‘Submit’ to mass execute the selected rules.

bulk process automatic group switching rules

A rule execution page will appear which shows which rule(s) and the amount of customers being processed, as well as an overview of the group switching activity per customer.

automatic customer group switching rule execution

Cronjob Configuration

The extension includes an integrated Cron functionality for periodical batch processing of customer group switching rules.

To process a rule using Cron, select ‘Cronjob group switching batch’ in the Rule Processing Events menu.

To configure the extension’s Crobjob settings, navigate to System > Configuration in the top Admin Panel menu and select Customer Group Auto-Switching from the left side menu.

In the Cronjob Configuration screen you can define the rule processing frequency in Crontab format, set the maximum amount of customers to be processed per Cron batch and choose to execute the Cronjob only once daily.

Click the ‘Save Config’ button in the top right corner of the page to save any changes made to the Crobjob configuration.

cronjob configuration

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