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Search Autocomplete Magento Extension

Zero seconds delay search results & product suggestions for Magento®

  • Instantly autocomplete search queries in your Magento® webshop
  • Show product suggestions on customer's first key press
  • Two slick search results dropdown menu themes
  • Choose between two multi-column grid layouts and a list layout
  • Adjustable dropdown width and optional search query highlighting
  • Select a preferred product image type and thumbnail size
  • Include product prices, categories and CMS pages in search results
  • Configure the product suggestion attributes per store view
  • Generate more results using advanced SKU parsing option
  • Preserve Magento®'s full store search functionality
  • Successfully tested in stores with ten thousands of products
  • For a quick demo, click the search button at the top of our website!
CE 1.4.x - 1.9.x

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5.00 stars / 7 reviews
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Instant product suggestions on first key press

A well-functioning search autocomplete extension is an essential sales tool for every webshop and indispensable for Magento® stores offering a wide range of products. It enables your customers to quickly find specific products by automatically completing search queries, instantly showing them the most relevant products in your assortment.

Our Search Autocomplete extension distinguishes itself from other comparable products by being the only one capable of generating truly instant product suggestions. Where other extensions take up to 5 seconds to show the first search results, our advanced caching system ensures 0 seconds delay and shows suggestions instantly on the customer's first key press.

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30 day money back guarantee, 100% satisfaction guarantee

Revolutionary zero delay caching system

Because a search autocomplete functionality is only useful when it displays product suggestions at the same moment the customer enters a search query, we consider the astonishing speed of Magento® Search Autocomplete the key feature of our extension.

Using an advanced caching system, the search cache is build up from the product titles, SKUs and short descriptions, aiming for the fastest possible autocomplete results.

Whether your Magento® store contains dozens of products or tens of thousands, our Search Autocomplete extension will always suggest products with virtually no delay!

instant search autocomplete extension

Customizable front-end display options

magento search autocomplete designs

Search Autocomplete comes with two slick front-end themes and three search results dropdown designs which are suitable for practically any Magento® theme. Besides the single column list layout our extension now also includes two multi-column grid layouts, which are especially useful to put an extra focus on your product images.

You can adjust the search suggestions dropdown width, select a preferred product image type and optionally enable the search query highlighting option. Besides that you can also choose to include product prices, categories and CMS pages in the search suggestions and set the maximum amount of results shown at once!

Optimized search suggestions

Using our Search Autocomplete extension you can optimize the generated search results and product suggestions by selecting the attributes that are used as product titles, descriptions and keywords for each store view.

You can define the search priority given to these attributes, set a description limit and enable the advanced SKU parsing option to automatically divide product SKUs into multiple keywords.

Because our extension also preserves Magento®'s default search functionality, customers can still perform a full store search using the link at the bottom of the product suggestions dropdown menu.

magento product suggestion settings

5 star rated top quality extension

This extension is rated 5 out of 5 stars. When purchasing our you don't only get a top quality extension, but also our five star customer support!

To most of our customers the high service level and expertise we offer is at least as important as the extension itself. At Plugin Company we realize that excellent product support and good communication is essential for making your and our business a success. This is exactly why we have made our support level our biggest selling point to date.

5 star rating magento connect

Magento extension reviews

Rated 5 out of 5
  • Fully configurable - Fast after-sales service

    This search engine has a very nice look, it is fully and easily configurable.

    The instalation takes only a few minutes. The adjustment of the different parameters is very simple and intuitive. I particularly appreciate the cron set up to regenerate the cache daily.

    The technical service is very professional. Less than an hour to get an answer, less than 24 hours to fix the little problem.

    It's pro, it's beautiful, it's effective, it's not expensive .... You can order this application with your eyes closed.

    January 20, 2018
  • Amazing

    It's fast and simple to use , amazing support team it's fast as well , Thank you for this good work

    July 10, 2017
  • Best Autocomplete Search

    Hello ,

    Good work and Excellent Support Team ,

    Thank you

    June 14, 2017
  • Great extension. Excellent support.

    I would recommend Search Autocomplete extension to everyone! The extension is very easy to install and Milan from Plugin Company was very helpful (Kaja also) when it comes to some tuning because I had a custom theme. Script is working perfectly.

    December 19, 2016
  • Good extension

    At the beggining I install it but nothing, my theme was not good.
    I send e-mail to supourt and in 5 days they fix it and everything working.
    Good, thanks

    June 10, 2016
  • Ultra fast without a plan

    Our auto complete search was fine. I knew that i have to wait 2-3 seconds until i could see the quick preview search results. But my clients of course not!

    Now you put in one letter and you get immediately quick preview. I knew that it could be so fast, but only when I hire company with a monthly plan. They have to get my product data in a csv. And you have to pay for every unique search.

    So Search Autocomplete & Product Suggest is definitely the best solution.

    October 18, 2015

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30 day money back guarantee, 100% satisfaction guarantee

Release Notes

Changelog v1.8.3

Fixed issue regarding image urls in some set-ups

20th of January 2018

Changelog v1.8.2

Fix for filemtime warning in system.log

29th of December 2017

Changelog v1.8.1

Added improved logging functionality

Removed AJAX loader from cache management screen

Removed memory limit for cache rebuilding shell script

Fixed issue arising from using exec / shell_exec in conjunction with PHP FPM / CGI

14th of December 2017

Changelog v1.8.0

Improved cache rebuilding process

Added option to set up periodic cron job from system configuration section

11th of December 2017

Changelog v1.7.3

Fix for issue introduced in v1.7.2

11th of December 2017

Changelog v1.7.2

Added possibility to enable search result sorting starting from a certain query length

Fixed issue regarding retrieving correct php executable path during cache rebuilding

Added some extra logging calls

7th of December 2017

Changelog v1.7.1

Added some extra special characters to search query normalization

21st of November 2017

Changelog v1.7.0

Added suggestion cache rebuilding shell script

Rebuilding cache from Magento admin area now also tries to run shell script as background process, which should solve any webserver timeout issues

Added option to normalize accented characters in search results

15th of November 2017

Changelog v1.6.7

Bundled products price display fix

12th of September 2017

Changelog v1.6.6

Fixed flat catalog + EAV attributes issue

31st of August 2017

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Search Autocomplete Magento® Extension


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